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Hello, I want to announce the new Interlude L2OFF platform server with Old retail gameplay style.
The better thing that I can see about is that is an Absolutely Donations Free server, because we only want to rescue the old essence (call me melancholic) of C5-IL times, yeah no instances or farm to the dead times, the "military" feeling about being an horde of archers, or buffers farming Olympiads with clan items...that beautiful old times.. and the fact that is donation free talk by himself.

Specific Rates

Experience and Sp: x15
Adena:x15 70%
Drop chance: x5
Drop amount for mats: x5
Spoil Chance: x5
Spoil Amount: x5
Seal Stones: x5 amount
Quest Items Drop: x5 amount (only important quests, you all know which ones)
Quest Exp and Adena: x15


Donation Free
Olympiad monthly
Sieges retail like
Free First and Second Class Change
Basic (very basic) buffer up until lvl 80
Soulshots and blessed spiritshots C on grocery
Dualbox Allowed

Server Specs

Xeon Quad Core
32gb RAM DDR3
Hosted in Germany
Server is rented for a whole year so there will be no financial issues.
Long Term Server.

Please feel free to join our forum and website: [URL="http://www.aegisnetwork.us/"]aegisnetwork.us[/URL]

We are going live on February 15th. Open beta will be opened soon, check our forum for details.

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