Day of Destiny: Dark Elf's Fate(3rd class quest)


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This quest is needed in order to get your 3rd class. The old sagas are not required anymore since the goddess of destruction.

Please note: This quest is equal for all classes and races. The only difference is the npc where you start the quest on. It's always your racemaster in aden. That means:

Day of Destiny: Dark Elf's Fate: NPC Oltran (Aden Dark elf Guild)
Day of Destiny: Dwarf's Fate: NPC Ferris (Aden Blacksmith)
Day of Destiny: Elven Fate: NPC Winonin (Aden Mystic Guild)
Day of Destiny: Human's Fate: NPC Orven (Aden Temple)
Day of Destiny: Kamael's Fate: NPC Brome (Aden Kamael Guild)
Day of Destiny: Orc's Fate: NPC Ladanza (Aden Orc Guild)

Step 1.
Get 76 and go to the Guildmaster of your race in Aden (mine is DE so Dark Elf Guild: NPC "Oltran")

Step 2.
Go to Seal of Shilen and Search for the Quartermaster in front of the Cementary

Step 3.
Search for the 4 Corpses inside of the Cemetrary

Step 4.
Back to the Quartermaster and she sends you now to a Vanguard NPC in south of the cemetary talk with him to enter the instance.

Step 5.
Once your inside Talk to adolph in the middle he asks you to choose 2 Companions for ur Quest (i took the heal and the Summoner)

Step 6.
Once ur Choosen ur Companions talk to him again and he ports u to a Battlefield with Waves of Monsters Spawning defeat all till the first part of Battle ends.

Step 7.
Now Talk to Adolph again and you get a Ring of him called Cry of Fate. Put it on and you get access to some of your 3rd skills to help u get rid of the next waves.

Step 8.
Defeat all Waves of Monsters till the Big One gets announced. Kill it and it is over big-smile Talk to Adolph again and use his SOE to port out. Head back to your Race master choose a Soulcry lvl 14 with colour of your choice and Congratz you are now 3rd Class big-smile

thanks a lot to skyy for the walkthrough! the intellectual property belongs to him, dont steal it without his permission. Backlinks are welcome.

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