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This guide gives you a few tips how to pass the kamaloka.
For a Laba guide click here.

Party: 2-7 Member
Level: -+5 Level to the choosen kamaloka
Time Limit: 30minutes

Step 1: Where to start

Gludio - lvl 23 & 26 - Captain Bathis
Dion - lvl 33 & 36 - Captain Lucas
Heine - lvl 43 & 46 - Captain Gosta
Oren - lvl 53 & 56 - Captain Mouen
Shuttgard - lvl 63 & 66 Captain Vishotsky
Rune - lvl 73 Captain Mathias (screenshot)

Before you enter Kamaloka you should definitly start the related "Mutated Kaneus" Quests. You can accept this quest for reach town. For that you just need to kill the boss on level x3 and x6 for each town once. After that talk to the NPC again. It will give you SP, Adena and EXP. Totally worth it, especially for beginner.

Step 2: Your Party

Don't think about the party setup too much. Especially in low level it doesnt matter. Only thing important is to have buffs. Till 75 you can still use your newbie buffs so you dont even need to think about that. I recommand a BD/SWS but thats all. Healer could help but is not required. You dont need a full party all the time. Think before if you want to share the drop with 6 people blunk

Step 3: Enter Kamaloka

Once you have found your party and your responsible NPC talk to it and enter (if you are party leader). All party member need to stand close to the NPC. All buffs except for the newbie ones will be lost.

Step 4: Inside Kamaloka

When you are inside buff up.

Step 5: The boss

The raids are totally different and have different skills and strenghts. You can find them all in our drop calculator, for example: White Allosce(lvl 73) I suggest to stand with the back to the wall all the time when you attack the raid because a few of them can "fear" you.. then you dont run so much blunk

Step 6: Minions

Minions in kama are a special topic. Lets say it like this, if they are killable then kill them. Some are not killable.. they are simply immune to debuffs and damage. You will find that out easy when u hit them. look at the screen below. So if you can attack them then kill them or try to use betray(summoner skill) on them so they help you to kill the boss.

Step 7: Further Quests

Once the raid has died you will get your questitem, drops and a NPC called "Rieyi" will spawn. You can accept the repeatable TOI Token quest called "Recertification of Value" there. I can recommand that until you got all items. The NPC also offers you buffs and a free teleport to TOI.


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