Pailaka - Devil's Legacy


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Devil's Legacy is the second pailaka part.

Guide 1st Pailaka: Pailaka Song of Ice and Fire
Guide 3rd Pailaka: Injured-Dragon

It is not a repeatable quest. You may start the quest with lvl 61, the maximum level is lvl 67. In order to do that you should take newbie buffs and healing potions with you. Maybe get some real buffs before too then you could be able to finish the quest in ~20minutes. For support you will get an A-grade weapon (Ancient Legacy Sword) inside so you should take some A shots also. But there is no NEED to use the sword. Feel free to use your own weapon. In order to finish the quest you need to kill 3 pre raids and Lematan on the Zaken ship. For that you have a 1 hour time limit in total. Open your eyes when you head to the ship, dont miss the raids or destroyable item. Maybe you will need the quick healing pots.

This map helps you to find your way to defeat Lematan.

1) You can start the quest in giran at the NPC "Devils Isle Survivor" next to the church.

2) Enter the instance! Once you are in talk to the NPC and you will receive the sword. It also has a supportive tigress skill. Use it!!!

3) Kill the first pre-raid Kams

4) Move forward and take the first way on the left side. You will find the dwarf advanturer. Exchange your weapon to Enhanced Ancient Legacy Sword

Again follow the road down and try to reach the next subraid. On the way you will find some Powder Keds, shoot at them and they will explode and kill the surrounded mobs. Keds also respawn.

5) Kill the next sub-Raid Hikoro

6) Kill the next sub-Raid Alkaso

7) After you have faced alkoso you can change your weapon one last time to the Complete Ancient Legacy Sword

8) After you are having your final sword head forward to the zaken ship, you will find Lematan there.

9) Attacking Lematan.

Before you attack him please be aware of a few things. Lowering him to 1/2 HP will be easy for you, but then he will teleport on the zaken ship and you will face his minions(Lematan's Follower). These minions heal him and power him up so he can use special strong attacks on you. You should always make sure that the minions are permanently dead. I know its hard but you must do it. Use your pet(or the tigress from the sword) in a clever way for example.

After you have killed him the dwarf adventurer will spawn again. He will give you EXP, SP and your Pailaka Bracelet

Congratulations, you have finished the second pailaka.

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