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General Info

Type: Party Instancezone
Location: Prision of Darkness
Characters: 7 people
Time Limit: 1 hour
Level Limit: 90 - 99
Reuse: 4 hours

Spezion Info

Spezion on lineage realm
Level: 94
HP: 863 404
MP: 22 800
EXP: 1 011 156 496
SP: 24 947 048
Type: Humanoids
Skills: Earth Attacks, Greather Resist Stun, Greather Resist Sleep, Greather Resist Paralysis, Greather Resist Mental Derangement, Greather Resist Hold

Drop Chances

Apocalypse Stormer[1] - 4.888% - 5.960%
Apocalypse Caster[1] - 4.830% - 5.902%
Apocalypse Retributer[1] - 4.814% - 5.886%
Apocalypse Shaper[1] - 4.795% - 5.867%
Apocalypse Buster[1] - 4.784% - 5.856%
Apocalypse Avenger[1] - 4.779% - 5.851%
Apocalypse Thrower[1] - 3.930% - 4.788%
Apocalypse Shooter[1] - 3.917% - 3.775%
Apocalypse Slasher[1] - 3.913% - 4771%
Apocalypse Fighter[1] - 3.842% - 4.700%
Apocalypse Cutter[1] - 3.809% - 4.667%
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-Grade)[1] - 35.79% - 43.35%


Spezion Instance: it's a dungeon with a (epic)boss for a group of seven people at levels 90+. Entrance NPC (Spezion Memorypast) is located in the central room of Prision of Darkness betwen two cannons, straight from spawn. You can teleport to the Prision of Darkness from Snookie Gatekeeper in Magmeld but to be able to use that teleport you have first to complete few quest in Magmeld. Time needed to make that dungeon it's about 15~20 minutes, and as a reward players get good amout of XP (around 300kk w/o any boosters) and a chance for any apocalypse weapon and/or ewr from drop. When completing the instance, Adventure Guildsman NPC will spawn. He can exchange your daily quest items (Adventure Mark – Pledge) into useful items and additonal 60 million XP.

Part setup

A Typical party for Spezion shoud normaly have Tank, ISS, Healer and 3 DD's. In last slot you can take what you prefer: fourth DD, second Healer or another ISS (two rapsody in party and support healing are always welcome). I also recommend you picking at least one summoner as DD for a faster boss fight. Lethals in party (Dagger, Archer) are also a good choice, because their half-kills are helping much to drop the entrance passes. A few party setup suggestion.

Type 1: Sigel Knight, Aeore Healer, Iss Enchanter, Iss Enchanter, DD, DD, DD
Type 2: Sigel Knight, Aeore Healer, Iss Enchanter, DD, DD, DD, DD
Type 3: Sigel Knight, Aeore Healer, Aeore Healer, Iss Enchanter, DD, DD, DD

Recommended DDs are: Wynn Summoner, Othel Rogue, Yul Archer


To enter Spezion Instance each party member must have a special entrance pass wich is a Memory Fragment for "Normal Spezion" or a Frightening Memory Fragment for "Epic Spezion".

Both are earned in same way. First you have to go with your group to the Prison of Darkness and farm mobs there in order to drop Giant Cannonball. That items are needed to shot cannons in that room.

NOTE: Giant Cannonbals and Memory Fragments are non-tradable items so do not forget to set party loot on Finders Keepers.

When you have droped a satisfactory amount of balls, use Devils Movement from ISS and search for Empty Cannon in that room, then use Giant Cannonball to shoot.

In that moment every mob near the Cannon will transform to a smaller type with timers above their heads, counting from 15 to 0. Now you have 15 seconds to kill as many mobs as you can.

Every mob drops both, Memory Fragment and Frightening Memory Fragment. Remember to tag them and hit on one target, ISS shoud use Battle Rapsody at first shoot. You need to kill seven mobs, that shoud'nt take you more than 4 cannonballs. After you have fired a cannon you need to wait five minutes until it will be ready to shoot again.

Note: Droped Memory Fragments can be picked up by everyone, even by people who are not in your party. So pick it up fast before someone else will do it! You can also try to steal fragments from other parties ;D

When everyone have a Memory Fragment the party leader can enter the instance by clicking the first option on the entrance NPC.

Stage one – Garden of Genesis

After short animation your party will be splitted in instance zone wich is looking like upper Garden of Genesis. Your goal is to find the teleportation cubic and then each party member have to click „leave record” option on them.

You have 5 minutes to do it, but if you fail there's no worries, cubic will just change their location and you will have another few minutes to find it. There are also mobs inside the instance.

All of them are 1-shot but they have special ability that can teleport you anywhere in garden so watch out. The key to do it fast its simple – comunication. After everyone will click „leave record”, someone have to use option „Escape from the garden of genesis”.

Stage two – Orbis Temple

Your party will be ported to an instance looking like Orbis Temple. Your goal is to find your way to the crystal that will teleport you to the next stage. To open a door you have to click and activate a time bomb in each room.

Once you activate the bomb, mobs will spawn near it every few seconds and hit it. If time bomb HP will fall to zero you have to start that stage from the beginning. On last room you will see a group of mobs and one miniboss on the center.

After you have killed him the door to the crystal will be opened. There are two ways to do it: first is to leave one DD at each time bomb who will protect it in that way the party will have enough time to make their way to the crystal and second much easier way is to just run on horses with Devils Movement as fast as you can activating every bomb on your way, fast kill only miniboss and go to the crystal. Simple blunk

Stage three – Spezion Fight

You will find yourself in a place looking like that one where you was droping entrance passes but this time, there will be no mobs. Near your, there will be an NPC which have the option to summon you to spezion, if you are ready, do it. After a short animation Spezion will appear. He will be on celestial shield

.. and spawning a group of monsters every few seconds. Mobs are easy to kill with aoe skills but they do a lot of damage, so the tank have to aggro them fast. Minions will drop occasionally Giant Cannonballs wich are needed to remove the celestial from boss.

Note: After entering the instance, all cannonballs are disappearing from your inventory, so you can't farm balls before entering the instance.

You have to use balls to shoot a cannon and after you do it a circle of light will apear, move spezion to that light and he will lose his celestial for one minute.

Now your turn to attack – after all debuffs land, use Battle Rapsody. If you have a good party, Spezion will die before rapsody has worn off. If your damage is not enough to kill him in one minute, repeat the process again.

After Spezion is dead and the instance is completed you should ask the ISS to cast Devils Movement, cause you will appear near mobs when you leave the instance. Congratulations, you have passwed the instance happy

Thanks to mus1ek for writing this guide exclusively for lineage-realm.com Don't steal this guide, backlinks are welcome.

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