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The Trajan Instance is a single party breakthrough dungeon for players level 85-90, in the end of which resides the raid Teredor. The instance itself has a 5 minute reuse, so the raid can be farmed non stop for XP and drops but the 2 quests involved with this instance are 1 time per day(Daily reset 6:30 am server time)

a) Monstrosity of the underground mine(The Villain of the Underground Mine), Teredor.(NPC Filaur, Stuttgart) – rewards 20 proof of fidelity.

b) Precious research material –(NPC Amer inside dungeon) rewards 2 proof of fidelity.

With 125 proofs of fidelity you can choose any requiem weapon of your choice.

Party Setup:
For Trajan there is no special party setup, except the fact that 2 healers are recommended if the players are relative low levels (85-86). So: Iss Enchanter, Siegel Knight, Aeore Healer, DD, DD, DD, DD (Aeore Healer)

It is preferably if at least 1 DD is ranged, makes it easier to kill blue eggs, but it’s not mandatory.

Before you enter the dungeon you might want to take daily from Filaur. Now port inside and buff up, take second quest from NPC. If you want to play it safe, tell the Iss to buff everyone Knight Harmony at first. Also Healer can use a rebirth after buffing.
Now mount your horses and follow the path on the left, regroup on the hill before reaching the first eggs. To skip the whole breakthrough part, you will dash on your horses until you reach Teredor, because monsters spawned from eggs will lose you while you’re on 300 speed.
It is recommended that squishy classes (robe,light) go first so mobs will spawn behind them and they’ll get in the end in 1 piece. As a note a robe classes can get killed in 1 hit.

Teredor is a mini version of Trasken, a distant cousin of some sort. It’s a bug so in theory is weak to fire, but its description states that it might be weak to wind. I haven’t really tested this, since elements are hard to come by and I keep them for use on better gear. On the other hand a Tyrr Warrior with Spirit of the Hunter might come in handy.

After dashing through the mines and reaching Teredor’s nest, dismount, rebuff what is needed and tell tank to bring the raid. Teredor will most likely spawn 3 elite millipedes which hit very very hard, so focus on those first always, there will be more waves of elites through the raid. Also other mobs might show up, not as vicious as Elites but still they can take down the healer in 1 crit. Tank has to be careful to aggro all.

Also before emerging from underground, most likely around 3 times/raid he will jump in the air and plunge back into the ground, spawning the elites at the same time. When that happens, either the healer(s) use party celestial if possible or stay as far away from the tank as possible. You will most likely die otherwise.

Once Teredor reaches a certain level of HP, he will go fertilize some eggs. Those eggs will turn blue and at some point will hatch mobs. The longer they are allowed to hatch, the stronger the mobs that spawn will be.

This is the moment where the ranged DD steps is (if you have one, if not even the Iss can take this task), he will destroy the blue eggs, if he is fast, only Teredor’s Larvae will spawn. Simplest way, after killing all blue eggs, AOE the larvae or lure them to raid and let all DDs AOE them.
When Teredor is 1/3 HP or so, he will intensify the rate of poison attacks. If you have a summoner in party, and he’s using cougars (like me), keep in mind that probably pets will be at 1 HP (because they get 20+ poisons on in 5 seconds), so healers using balance heal, might in fact damage the party’s health. Using progressive heal is the best approach in this case.
When the raid drops to 1/5 HP, leave the eggs and focus on raid, hit it with everything, don’t forget to constantly use cripple attack from iss and mark of lumi from healer.

After Teredor dies there is a possibility that 3 more elites will spawn, so don’t let your guard down just yet.
On the spot where Teredor died an Adventurer Guildsman NPC will appear.

At the NPC you can trade your daily Adventurer’s Mark Loialty that you get while farming in Harnak, Seed of Annihilation and even Garden of Genesis, for 20 Seals of Loyalty and 60 million XP. So make sure to at least make daily SOA quest before doing Trajan instance.
The Seals of Loyalty are the trade currency for this particular Adventurer Guildsman. You can use them to buy talismans, life stones, R grade Soul Crystals, belt, shirt, bracelet recipes and parts, R grade elixir recipes, lvl 10 and 11 Soulshot and Spiritshot R recipes, and more.

If you are not able to make Trajan everyday do not despair, although the quests are daily, the instance reuse is only 5 minutes, thus making Trajan probably the best spot to XP at 85-90. After finishing each instance you can trade 1 mark for 60 million XP so if you don’t make Trajan for a week but you accumulate 7 marks, you can do Trajan 7 times in 1 day and trade them all for a total of 420 million XP
After you are done trading with NPC head back a bit and AOE some gray eggs(blue ones don’t count for the quest) to get the 20 fragments. Best way is to use party celestial, kill any eggs you see and use party return when celestial is over. If you don’t get all 20 fragments you can simply re-enter or finish quest next instance (after the 5 minutes reset).But even if you collect more than 20, you will hand them all for the same reward.

When you’re done you can collect the rewards for both quests from Filaur.

This guide is contributed by Arky - dont steal it, it's his intellectual property and we share it with his permission, thanks.

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