The Name of Evil - 2 | Quest

Asamah suspects that there is some link between the axe Gazkh's magical seal and the strange events occurring on the island. In order to discover the cause, he asks you to seek out the three Kaimus and to bring back their wisdom on the matter.


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Start NPC: Asamah

Requirement: Completion of "The Name of Evil - 1" Quest

previous required quest: The Name of Evil - 1

Level Requirement: 77 +

Area: Stakato Nest

Exp Exp (2264190)
SP SP (2572950)
Adena Adena (484990)

Quest Steps

Step Name Description
1 An Impossible Problem While analyzing the Epitaph of Wisdom, Asamah has learned of a magical axe called Gazkh wielded by his ancestors. But there is something that cannot be discovered using only the Epitaph, and he asks for your help in obtaining the knowledge he needs.
2 Find the Pillars of Wisdom Again Asamah believes that the Gazkh fragment somehow caused Mushika's illness, and he suspects that the abnormal events occurring throughout the island are also related to the magical axe. Visit Ulu Kaimu for more information.
3 Dialogue with Ulu Kaimu You have obtained the power necessary to awaken and question the sleeping Ulu Kaimu. Seek it's wisdom about the relationship between the strange events occurring throughout the island and the fragment of Gazkh.
4 The Melody While speaking with Ulu Kaim you heard the first verse of the unknown melody. You do not know its significance, but suspect that it may be an important clue. Memorize it.
5 Find Balu Kaimu Ulu Kaimu was unable to completely answer the question. Instead, it tells you to find its kin, Balu Kaim and to seek additional knowledge there.
6 Coming to an Understanding with Balu Kaimu You find Balu Kaimu and begin communication. Conduct the conversation more carefully this time in order to obtain the desired response.
7 The Decisive Tune While speaking with Balu Kaim you hear a melody similar to the one you heard from Ulu Kaimu. It definitely seems to be important, so memorize it well.
8 The Revealed Truth Balu Kaimu is able to give you a more substantial answer, and it even tells you that the unknown melody is a song once beloved by the ancient Elrokian warriors. To hear the rest of the story, though, you must find Chuta Kaimu.
9 Gazkh and the Isle You finally communicate with Chuta Kaim the last of the Pillars of Wisdom. Listen to its tale about Gazkh and the strange events occurring throughout the island.
10 Song of Lament Chuta Kaimu says that the axe Gazkh longs for its long-dead owner. It also tells you that the melody you heard from the other two Pillars of Wisdom is the song that Gazkh's owner loved to sing. Be sure to memorize this melody.
11 Warrior's Grave Chuta Kaimu advises you to find the grave of Gazkh's former owner and pray for the warrior's soul.
12 Tribute to the Unknown Warrior You find a single grave at the spot Chuta Kaimu told you about. Perhaps it is the final resting place of Gazkh's former owner. Try praying there.
13 Spirit of the Elrokian Warrior You spoke with the soul of the Elrokian warrior who lies buried in the forgotten grave. You begin to see the connection between Gazkh and the strange events on the island. Listen to his story carefully.
14 A Memorial Service The Elrokian warrior's soul says that for you to become a true warrior able to wield Gazkh, you will need his ashes. Before obtaining them, you must first perform a proper memorial service.
15 A Memorial Service You correctly sang the melody of the first verse of the Warrior's Song! Attempt the second verse.
16 Sing the Second Verse You succeeded in singing the second verse! Now only the last verse remains. If you sing it correctly, you can properly perform the memorial service.
17 The Warrior's Song Calms the Soul You successfully completed the third verse. Now speak with the Elroki warrior's spirit and obtain the ashes of his bones.
18 Find the Seal Stone You have obtained the ancient Elrokian warrior's ashes. Take them to the Seal Stone that guards Sailren the dinosaur and you will learn how to handle the axe Gazkh.
19 The Seal Stone's Warning You found the Seal Stone, which revealed itself to be Shilen's Stone Statue. After hearing about the events on the island, the statue warns you that the seal over Sailren has been broken and even worse things may soon occur. Find out how you can control Sailren.
20 A True Elrokian Warrior Shilen's Stone Statue, which reveals itself as Shilen's Avatar, has bestowed on you the right to wield Gazkh in Shilen's stead. Now you must find the location of all the fragments of Gazkh. Return to Asamah and tell him these things.
21 The Location of Gazkh You have told Asamah about your experience in the Lost Nest. Ask what he has learned about the Gazkh fragment while you were gone.
22 Return to Mushika Asamah has not learned much about the fragment, but tells you that his father Mushika has discovered something important. Go meet with him.
23 The Scroll's Hidden Password Using a secret code hidden in the ancient scroll, Mushika has finally discovered the location of the remaining Gazkh fragments! Hear what the code says and learn what you must do to retrieve the fragments.

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