Path of the Scavenger | Quest

Master Tom teacher of the way of scavenger, is missing! You must find him!


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Start NPC: "Collector" Pippi

Requirement: Dwarven Fighter

Level Requirement: 18 +

Area: Schuttgart Territory

Exp Exp
Adena Adena (163800)

Quest Steps

Step Name Description
1 In Search of Master Toma - Part 1 This quest must be fulfilled before transferring to Scavenger class. Collector Pippi of the Dwarven Village encourages all aspiring Dwarves to become Scavengers. To become a Scavenger, you must receive the permission of Master Tom whose whereabouts are currently unknown. It is said that his younger sister, Trader Mion of Dwarven Village, may know his whereabouts.
2 In Search of Master Toma - Part 2 Trader Mion promises to find the location of Master Toma. In exchange, you have agreed to help her with her business. She asks you to deliver some items to her customers.
3 In Search of Master Toma - Part 3 Trader Mion promises to find the location of Master Toma. In exchange, you have agreed to help her with her business. But she is making unreasonable demands.
4 In Search of Master Toma - Part 4 Take the letter from Trader Mion and go find Master Toma. According to Mion, Master Toma has gone to the northern coast.
5 Honey Jar Spoil Master Toma said that if you want to be a scavenger, you must first run an errand for him. He asked you to bring him back five honey jars. You can obtain them by using Spoil on honey bears. You can find honey bears while hunting hunter bears. In order to find hunter bears, start from the western entrance of the Abandoned Coal Mines, then go up north until you reach the area where two shorelines merge. A large population of hunter bears are said to be found in that area.Monsters to be hunted - hunter bears and honey bears. Monsters to use Spoil on - honey bears.
6 Return to Toma You have found all five honey jars. Let Master Toma's mouth be filled with the sweetness of honey!
7 Bead of Tarantula As your next assignment, Master Toma asks you to bring him 20 tarantula beads. They can be obtained by using Spoil on hunter tarantulas and plunder tarantulas.Monsters to use Spoil on - hunter tarantulas and plunder tarantulas.
8 Return to Toma You have collected 20 beads. Take them to Master Toma.
9 Pay Back for the Drink Deliver the bunch of orbs that you received from Master Toma to the Freighter Raut in Gludin village.
10 In Search of Raut's Nephew Request for a delivery of the teleport scroll received from Freighter Raut to his nephew. Raut's nephew is somewhere in the Dragon Valley.
11 Return to Raut The teleport scroll has been delivered to Raut's nephew Thorei. Go back to Freighter Raut in Gludin village with the return present, the underwear of Succubus.
12 Toma's Friend Master Toma gives you shining beads and asks that you give them to Warehouse Chief Yasheni of the Town of Schuttgart.

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