Skill: Hawk Spirit Totem

Hawk Spirit Totem

Becomes possessed by a Hawk's soul. For 5 minutes, when using a hand-to-hand combat weapon, increases Accuracy by 6, Critical Rate by 100, and Critical Damage by 30%. Requires a hand-to-hand combat we


Skill Teacher: Brukurse [for Tyrant] | Sorbo [for Tyrant] | Dowki [for Tyrant] | Chakiris [for Tyrant] | Tazeer [for Tyrant] | Kasman [for Tyrant] | Karukia [for Tyrant] | Lakan [for Tyrant] | Vokian [for Tyrant] | Marestella [for Tyrant] | Herz [for Tyrant] | Buka [for Tyrant] | Daunt [for Tyrant] | Tazki [for Tyrant]


Class Name

Skill Level

Char Level


Tyrant 1 74 2000000


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