Scroll: Enchant Armor of Destruction (S-Grade)

Scroll: Enchant Armor of Destruction (S-Grade)

Increases P. Def. by 1 for S-grade armor and accessories when enchanted. Increases by 3 starting from +4. It can safely be enchanted up to +3. For one-piece armor, it can safely be enchanted up to +4. If enchanting fails, the power of the Goddess of Destruction stops the item from resetting and maintains its existing enchant value. When armor is enchanted above +4, HP also increases depending on the enchant value. Cannot be used on defense equipment above +6. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.


Item Information

Weight: 0

Stackable: yes

We are sorry. There was no entry found in Database how to obtain the item.


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Destruction Armor S grade enchant scrolls

Wich raids drops Destruction Armor scroll S grade???

written by Anonymous User @ 30/04/2014 8:12 am

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