Forgotten Blade - Focus

Forgotten Blade - Focus

creases Critical by 84. Increases damage inflicted during PvP.
simulate enchanting


nearest stronger SWORD: Icarus Spirit

Available in special trades: Seven Signs - Blacksmith of Mammon - SA: S-Grade | Reputation Manager: Removal of PvP enhancement

Mammon production

Item Information

Weapon grade: S

Crystals: (S) 2052


SS/BSS: 1/1

p.atk/m.atk: 281/132

Weapon Range: 40

p.atk Speed: 379

MP Consumption: 0

Kamael switch weapon: Laevateinn - Focus


Weight: 1300

We are sorry. There was no entry found in Database how to obtain the item.


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muy bueno =)

written by Anonymous User @ 18/11/2017 6:10 pm

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