Abandoned God's Creature | Quest

A large plant creature called Apherus is locked up in the center of Garden of Genesis. It was created after numerous experiments by gods, but in the end gods themselves gave up handling Apherus and relocated this problematic creature to here. Now that the Axis of Time and Space has been shaken, we don't know when Apherus may come out to this world.

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Start NPC: Horpina

Requirement: No Requirements

Level Requirement: 90 +

Area: Dion Territory

Exp Exp (46847289)
SP SP (20739487)

Quest Steps

Step Name Description
1 Defeat Apherus Defeat Apherus locked up in the central prison at the Garden of Genesis.
2 Fallen God's Handiwork You have succeeded in defeating Apherus. Let's take this token and return to Horpina at the Garden of Genesis!

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