The Zero Hour | Quest

As soon as Mercenary Captain Pierce found out the location of the Stakato Nest, he focuses all his reinforcements targeting the Stakato Nest to end the long-lasting war.


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Start NPC: "Mercenary" Kahman

Requirement: Completion of the "In Search of the Nest" quest

previous required quest: In Search of the Nest

Level Requirement: 81 +

Area: Stakato Nest

Exp Exp (2850000)
SP SP (3315000)

Quest Steps

Step Name Description
1 Kill Stakato Queen! Mercenary Kahman says now is the time conclude the long-lasting battle with Stakato Nest. His plan was to kill the Queens of Stakato who commands the Stakatos. Kill Queen Shyeed and take her Fangs in the Stakato Nest for proof. To hunt for - Spike Stakato Queen Shyeed
2 Let's go back to Kahman. Spike Stakato Queen Shyeed has been defeated. Return to the mercenary Kahman.

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