Pursuit of Clan Ambition! | Quest

Sir Gustav Athebaldt has grave concerns about the future of the kingdom. He wants nothing more than to help the young and courageous leaders to bring peace to the land! If you join forces with him in the Town of Oren, he'll give you a proof of expectation, increasing the power of the clan!


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Start NPC: Sir Gustav Athebaldt

Requirement: Clan Leader, Clan Level 4

Level Requirement: none

Area: Oren Territory

SP SP (250000)

Quest Steps

Step Name Description
1 Sir Gustav's Business Quest that must be fulfilled in order to raise a clan to level 5. Upon meeting Sir Gustav Athebaldt in the Town of Oren, he expresses his desire to aid the young and courageous leaders of the kingdom. He promises to give you the 'Seal of Aspiration,' which is needed when expanding the clan's powers and influences should you agree to join forces with him. Sir Athebaldt asks you to help him prepare for the attack against the dragon Antharas; and tells you to go meet Marvin in the Town of Giran.
2 Collect Wyrm Eggs Martien is running a business that involves collecting eggs of Drakes and Wyrms. He asks that you go to Death Pass and collect ten eggs each of Thunder Wyrm, Drake, Blitz Wyrm and Mist Drake. Blitz Wyrms and Mist Drakes are very rare and cannot be found by ordinary methods. Get some clues if you meet with the Dwarven Bounty Hunters who have been dispatched earlier.Monster to be Hunted - Drake, Thunder Wyrm, Blitz Wyrm
3 Sir Gustav Athebaldt You have collected all the drake and wyrm eggs and delivered them to Martien. Now, return to Sir Gustav Athebaldt.
4 Dwarven Artisan Sir Gustav Athebaldt instructs you to go meet Dwarven Artisan Balthazar, who he is supporting, and help him in his research. Go to Hunters Village and meet Balthazar.
5 New Energy Source The Dwarven Artisan Balthazar says that he is in the process of developing a new source of energy. His research requires 10 Spiteful Soul Energies. These ingredients can be obtained on the Fields of Massacre.Monsters to be hunted - Spiteful Soul Leader
6 Sir Gustav Athebaldt You have gotten all the ingredients required for Balthazar's research into golem development. Now go back to Sir Gustav Athebaldt.
7 Scepter of Judgment Sir Gustav Athebaldt says that he wants to hold the scepter of judgment in his hand and says to go get that. First go to Aden and meet Sir Eric Rodemai, who is a follower of Sir Athebaldt.
8 Mysterious Witch In order for Sir Eric Rodemai to give you a hint on where you can find the scepter of judgment, he says that you must meet Witch Cleo. Follow his instructions and find Witch Cleo who is to the east of Aden.
9 Witch's Riddle You asked Witch Cleo about the scepter of judgment and all you got in return was a cryptic answer. Go back to Sir Eric Rodemai and ask him about the meaning of the riddle.
10 Ancient Grave Sir Eric Rodemai solved the riddle of Witch Cleo for you. Use the clues he gives you to get the scepter of judgment. Hunt the grave keymaster, imperial slave and the imperial gravekeeper.
11 Glory in Your Hand You've got the scepter of judgment! Now take this to Sir Gustav Athebaldt.
12 Who is the Valid Heir? Are you going to give the scepter of judgment to Sir Gustav Athebaldt or just talk to him about it?

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