In this guide I will explain about manor from two points of view: a player and a clan owning a castle.

Player view:

To use manor ONLY is possible when a clan owns a castle and sets manor system to buy and sell seeds. Manor is useful only when you need to get materials. Basic idea of it is that you plant seed into the monsters and when they are dead you retrieve crops.  

You can seed seeds only at your level range that is 10 +- levels, the best effect when you are 5 +- level (seed level). You can buy seeds from manor manager in any town and you can seed and crop only in the region that you bought seeds (i.e. if you bought Aden seeds, you can hunt only in Aden territory using those seeds). You can check levels and locations of the map by territory:  World info. à Hunting zone à search area à choose were you would like to seed. IMPORTANT: manor resets its sales every day at 8 pm server time (not game time!).

Every territory has a different manor manager. You can sell crop to at any town, but if you sell your crops to different town than you are currently selling (i.e. if you are in Aden and selling to Oren), you will have to pay certain amount of adena. The best is to be and in town that you choose to sell.

When you talk to the manor manager you get following options. Before buying seeds you need to know which seeds give what. You can find you that by clicking “View the Basic seed information”. After you did, it will appear the following window.

Here you can see all rewards that you can get from a specific seeds. Every seed has possible 2 rewards, but you can get only 1 (the reward cannot be chosen by you, it is decided by a clan that owns that territory’s castle).

When you click on current seed you will get information which seed currently are available for sale, their price and their quantity. The price of seed is determined by a clan who owns a castle of that territory.

You can get the same information also by clicking “View the manor information”.

When you click on “Current crops” you see information which crops are currently set to buy, their price, quantity and reward.

I usually base my decision where I seed on this information.


Basic seed information


Before you can seed you need to buy a harvester. It is extremely cheap it costs less than 1000 adena. Talk to the manor manager and click “Purchase a harvester”. This price is 525 Adena is in Dion on Innova  core server. Price directly depends from a tax rate of territory.

When you have harvester and you chose your desired seeds you start seeding. Talk to manor manager again choose “Purchase the seed”. There you will be able to see which seeds are available and level needed to plant.

When hitting mob you target it and click on the seed. You will start planting, similar like spoiling. On your system window you can see whether the seed was planted successfully or no. After mob is dead you click on harvester and you can retrieve your crops.


After you finished seeding you need to sell your crops. Talk to the manor manager again and click “Settle special products”. You will get a window with an option to choose what crops you want to sell and to which territory.

I had 3 types of crops in my inventory, if you would have more and different you would get more option to choose. In the table above you see how many crops remaining that are being bought, price and reward. To sell crops you have to click on every type of crop (double click). After you click new window will appear:

In this window you will be able to which castles are buying crops, the price that are buying for, how many are remaining and reward. In my case I had only Aden castle buying crops, so I don’t have much choice where to sell. Remember the higher the price is the more reward you will get. To sell crops:

Choose territory you want (take into consideration prices and rewards);

Click on max price – this means that you will be maximum quantity available to sell from this castle;

In the end click ok. Do these steps with all crops available.

after you did it all, click to sell and your reward will appear in your inventory.

Things to remember:

  • If you are a dwarf and want to spoil and seed mob at the same time, you retrieve both spoil and crops you need first use harvester, then sweep.
  • When you seed it is like using a skill, it has few seconds reuse.
  • There are 2 types of seeds: normal ones and alternative. Alternative seeds is very difficult to plant, but you get all drops that you would get killing a mob. If you use normal seeds, you lose all drops except adena.


Setting a manor is not very difficult, but it is time consuming job. You need to have a lot adena in your clan warehouse to buy crops. It deducts adena from clan warehouse and puts crops to cwh. You can later exchange those crops for various items in the castle. Every castle has a dwarf (blacksmith) and only clan leader can exchange those items. Those items may include items like: giant codexes, healing potions. I am not sure what rewards are in GOD update. I don’t have currently screenshot, but when I will I will definitely upload it.

To set up a manor talk to the npc in your castle (normally this npc is near the throne). Choose “Manage manor”, after clicking you will get an options:

  • View the status of seeds/crops
  • Edit seed setup
  • Edit crop setup
  • View descriptions

1st option gives an option to check current status of your manor (t.i. how many crops/seeds are left to buy/sell). 2nd options gives you an option to setup what kind of seeds you want that your territory would sell. You can choose any you want or none if you prefer. You have to choose the price, quantity, and reward of each seed.

Edit crop setup allows you to choose which seeds you will buy, you choose the price, quantity and reward that you will give for those crops.

Very important to know that you have to check and setup manor every day. Of course you have an option to use previous day setups of manor or you can change accordingly.

When I get screenshots I will add more information to this tutorial.

Guide by Eseya exclusively for - thanks :-)

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