seven signs

7s - short way for seven signs - is a fight between dusk and dawn. Each player can choose one side in an interval of two weeks. The requirement is that you have finished your first class change. You have one week to register and to contribute for your choosen site. At this point dawn and dusk member both have the same chances and options, both are able to enter catacombs and necropolises to farm. After it has been decided which side was the more successful one, the second week - the reward week - starts. The looser will be punished by a debuff which you get in town by passing the npcs called preachers of doom it will for example reduce you casting speed. The winner will get a bonus buff which lifts your weight limitation a bit but more important for the winner is the fact, that they can enter the catacombs and necropolises without having to mess with the looser side. they will be banished till the week is over so they have the try to register for one cabal. usually in the server start the dusk side wins, after the first castle has been captured the dawn side will win. members of a clan with a castle can not join dusk, thats the simple reason. player which dont have a clan with a castle but want to join dawn will have to have a "Approval Certificates of the Lord" for the dawnpriest or 50.000 Adena. during the reward week also the blacksmith of mammon will appear in the cata and the merchant of mammon in the necro. he will only ever be in one cata or necro, he is moving the place all 30minutes. if you finally find him, he will let u unseal, enhance, exchange or buy different items. but as mentioned, you must have choosen the winner cabal else you are standing outside and can't do anything. to make your team win you must either contribute seal stones to the priest or you take part in the festival of darkness. be better then the opponent cabal. everything will be calculated to a point total and that will decide which cabal won. if you want to know the current status of fight between dawn and dusk just have a look at the record of seven signs. you can purchase it for 500 adena from the priests. also make sure to pick the right seal. for a single person it doesnt make a difference but if you are unlucky and half the server picks the wrong or same seal then it will happen that the blacksmith and merchant of mammon are not spawning at all druing the reward week. in order to visit the cata or necro its always recommended to accept the catacomb quest to obtain scroll of ancient magic which is required to purchase various items at the merchant. the quest can be accepted at any gatekeeper dawn at the catas or necros. a small special for the winning team is that there spawns the seven signs endboss called lilith (dawn) or anakim (dusk). during a winning week there are more mobs which will drop seal stones inside the cata and necro then mobs which drop adena. the seal stones you are able to trade or contribe at the priest. you will recieve ancient adena which you can only get by doing this. the rift is not really related to seven signs but i want to mention it here since the statue is inside catas and necros. more infos about that you can find here. More official information about seven signs here.

Please note: All these information are obsolete when you are playing the Goddess of Destruction or higher chronicles. Since GoD there is no seven signs system anymore. That comes with the following changes:

  • Siege Guards can no longer be hired or posted.
  • The siege function management cost is no longer affected by seals.
  • Players can no longer enter the Festival of Darkness and the Dimensional Gap.
  • The jobs of "Dusk Priestess" and "Priest of Dawn" are taken over by the "Priest of Mammon," who offers different items for purchase.
  • The Priest of Mammon, The Blacksmith of Mammon and Merchants of Mammon move randomly among the 11 villages.
  • Functions which needed ancient Adena can now be carried out with just Adena.
  • Anakim/Lilith raids are no longer available Q_Q
  • Scrolls of Ancient Magic that could be obtained from the Catacombs and Necropolis are now dropped by field monsters.
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