"the way to be a hero"

This should be a little guide which begins with the char creation and ends with beeing a hero in the best case. Of course there is no guarantee, it should just give you a overview how things work. But lets begin with the first step.

The char creation

Depending on the server where you are playing (and which chronicle) this step can be a totally relevant or totally irrelevant. there are two ways you can go now.

1) i play a class which no one else got

If you are playing on a small server with maximum ~500 player then this might work. there are good chances that you dont have much competition with the crafter, spoiler, phantom summoner or prophet class. no one really wants to level up those four classes till you finally meet the requirements to be a hero. If the server is bigger then for sure there are some masochists who you can beat anyway. again this all doesnt count if you are a 24/7 player. i am describing from a point of view of a normal gamer who plays 1-3hours daily.

2) i play a class where i am the best player in the world and which acutally can kill other classes

For that you should be really careful what you pick.. in the later chronicles kamaels and tanks really pwned oly. this will greatly change in GoD i think. But lets have a look at the interlude chronicle for example.

  • prophet, is one of the favourite classes in olympiad,the negative point is that he need a lot of equips to go on the arena,basically the main target is remove enemies mp and hit him with bow.
  • gladiator/tyrant, are at second place, they can get in arena with not much equipment(s grade armor and weapon) and they can beat almost all classes.
  • elemental summoner/warlock (in that order!), they are very strong, the main reason is that they can remove wind walk and haste on enemy, this mean that the enemy is slower and attack more slow.
  • paladin, is a very nice class for oly, with a good player can beat a lot of ppl,you need good equipment on it and if possible some overenchant on weapons,basically he start match in angelic icon (switching weapons/armors in a certain order) and kill enemy with sword/bow.
  • destroyer, is the class i play most on that servers, like the paladin you need many items to go on the arena and is the last one in order of power on olympiad,the main target of this class is trying to go on frenzy (or guts) before the match start, the main problem in this is that you can receive heals so in most of case you cannot pre frenzy before match(paladin have more skills to drop his hp so have 2x chance to start match in angelic icon).
  • necromancer, lets not forget about the necromancer. he can win fights which look impossible by beeing lucky with his anchor. also he can make other mages look stupid when they feel the blue crown of silence. the other advantage is the pet with extra damage and ofc the damage sharing on it with transfer pain. but also careful, the preparation time is short and you need to do a lot of things. not recommanded for a beginner.

So far about a short introducing of the classes. for more informations checkout the class page or the playing guides and the forum. feel free to ask us there if you have further questions.

After your character is created you will find yourself in a beginner town with propably many others. so, how are you beeing more clever and faster then the others? Lets have a look at the second step then.

Making money

Making money can be very important in the beginning to equip yourself very fast and to level easy. For that you must think for yourself what to buy and what not to buy, is it logical to use a weapon C grade which use 3 shots and have X power or to use the B grade weapon which used 1 shot and have power X. do i lvl at mobs with 1/2x HP or 5x HP.. all this can be important in saving or loosing adena. First of all i always recommend to take the top no grade weapon which you get for free. also the quest can really give you a lot if you are doing them. but you should know which quests are useful and which are not.. also you must decide if on the quest spots is much competition or not. its better to go without the quest instead of waiting 3hours to finish a quest. just some quest suggestions:

lvl 15: dark elf warehouse middle npc
duration: 5min

lvl 21: elf village. any class (except dark elf) 1. left npc weapon store 2. guard near grocery and 3. left npc grocery store
duration: 30min

lvl 21: dark elf village. (only if you are darkelf) dark elf temple - kill one mob in school of dark arts
duration: 20min

lvl 27: gludin village at alvah, acts of evil
duration: 30min

lvl 43: start kusto in giran + 3 quests following
Part 1: http://www.lineage-realm.com/dropcalculator/quest/183/Relic-Exploration
Part 2: http://www.lineage-realm.com/dropcalculator/quest/184/Art-of-Persuasion
Part 3: http://www.lineage-realm.com/dropcalculator/quest/186/Contract-Execution
Part 4: http://www.lineage-realm.com/dropcalculator/quest/189/Contract-Completion
duration: 30min

lvl 70: http://www.lineage-realm.com/dropcalculator/quest/120/Pavels-Last-Research
duration: 60min

But lets not go too much into the detail. you must know which quests to do and which to leave behind. you should also always accept the gc, loa, toi, fog, it, sos, mss quest when you can. you never know when you will need it. buying and reselling things on the market can make you very rich too.. but for that you must have the full overview and that takes much time. if you make money this way then your char will not get up very fast. its your decision. the fastest way to level up is mostly the way to be in a good party but that can cost you lots of adena if you for example spend much money on soulshots and you have 2 healer in party which dont need to heal they dont waste money, they earn yours. sometimes (especially as archer, nuker or summoner) its useful to go solo. with curse death link on weak mobs you can get rich so fast. once there was an option to become rich with enchant scroll farming on boxes too but this time is over i guess. spoiler always have some extra money too because they can get cool things of dead mobs and crafter are also the known rich asses in l2. you can early a lot with craft shops but for that you need a decent clan which brings you those recipess. my suggestion: join a clan after they have an clan hall. then you dont need to pay for it anymore ;D also you should join an academy before you hit lvl 40 and do you class change. most of the academies give rewards for it and you can really need the money.

After you now know how to save and earn some money in the beginning we can talk about


When we are talking about equipment then you should already have in mind what you are going to sub. I strongly recommend to make a first subclass which can use the same armor type as your main class. i cant really give a too undetailed overview so let me divide the suggestions for the armors in robe and light/heavy chars.

Robe Characters

  • no grade: tunic of devotion set
  • d grade: skip it
  • c grade: karmian set
  • b grade: skip it (if you really dont want to skip then take avadon)
  • a grade: dark crystal set (depending a bit on your char)
  • s, s80, s84 and further: you must choose yourself depending on your char. but highly recommanded to use.

Light/Heavy Characters

  • no grade: use fulldrops only dont buy anything
  • d grade: use fulldrops only dont buy anything
  • c grade: light chars should pick plated leather set, heavy user can buy a common set
  • b grade: light user should skip, PL set is enough. heavy user can use common agian or skip it also
  • a grade: depending on your char but you should really go for a full set(except the heavy chars)
  • s, s80, s84 and further: you must choose yourself depending on your char. but highly recommanded to use.

.. more information about armor sets you can find here. 

After you are wearing something proper you can think of a good weapon, for no-grade just use the weapon you get from the newbie helper, its top no grade. for D and C grade you should just pick common. please note: never use shadow coupons and items! they cost you more money in the end because the need more shots because they are weaker! just buy top common. for b-grade you can then purchase your first real weapon with a decent SA. checkout our enhancement page for more hints. a grade you can skip again if you are a mage. light and heavy characters might try to get a common weapon or the weapon which they recieve in the subclass quest. and S, S80, S84 and further you should really try to get full (+SA+enchanting+attribute etc..) its all depending on your class what you pick here so i cant give you more ideas.


.. now after you are having money, equipment a weapon and maybe a decent clan you can level up till you reach lvl 75 and start a subclass. whilst you are waiting for the neccessary raids you can try to make your 3rd class because this is required to start in olympiad anyway. but you should really think well what you are subbing because you can only sub 3 times and each sub gives you a different bonus on your main. more assistance here(!!!). In order to make a subclass you need to finish the quest called "fates whisper"  and "mimirs elixir" once. what do you need for it? level 75, the box of the raidboss cabrio(seal of shilen), the box of hallate, kernon and golkonda (toi 3,8,11), ~ 1000 B crystals, a top B weapon, 100 moonstone shards and a bloody pipette (of hitting baium) or 30 blooded tissues (of killing angels type mobs in toi). what do you get? low a weapon, enchant weapon a grade and the permission to make a sub. after you have finished all, create your sub! the sub will start at level 40. in best case your main class is 3rd class already so just level hardcore now. follow the equipment rules which were mentioned upper already also for the subclass.


once you have leveled your subclass enough and it reached level 75 you will be able to finish your noblesse quest which is splitted into 4 parts:

after you have finished the quest successfully you will get a new skill called "Noblesse Blessing" which prevents you 1hours of loosing your buffs and debuffs when you die. from that point on you are able to join the grand olympiad to test your luck and skill to finally be the hero! note: if you are playing the goddess of destruction chronicle then you will first need your awakening class to be able to play in oly.


By now you should really have a clan or many friends which can help you with equipment, points and more hints for olympiad. Thats really important to go into oly well equipped. Raiding can be a key for that! Epics are nice too ;) You must decide yourself when you do your first game. But i recommend to watch olympiad first so you learn best. When you register for oly you will need to have an inventory which is below 80% filled, else you will loose. also you need at least one point to be able to register. One point is also the minimum amount of points to be a hero but dont forget also to have at least one 1 win and 9 matches played. Else you cant be hero even if you have the most points on the server. You must now find out when the grand olympiad is running and then you can either register for classed based games (so you will face player of your class only) or you go into the no-class-based arena where you can face everyone. now its up to you, you must win win win in order to become a hero. the hero is the person of each class which have the most points on the server. in GoD the amount of heros is reduced to the awakening classes. let me tell you some more hints before you registering:

Before joining olympiad is important to watch out who is registered, because you will have some enemies that you can't beat, if you join anyway then you will have low chance of victory,so if many of them are registered or playing its better if you skip the match and join in better moment. You can usually make safe matches during the month,joining only when you see a good chance of victory. Then you can play more during last 2-5 days before oly ends (thoose days more people join oly that mean more chance to earn easy points and interrupt enemiees from farming or feeding) more player = more noobs ;)

if you will play an oly farmer dont expect to go on the arena and win all the time,first periods you will lick balls because you need to understand how it work and how to move in front of your enemy (like i told you on interlude olympiads are sort of macros,so you will have to learn the best way to slay your oppenent,after you learn it he will never beat you down again until he change his steps).

Just some indicators which will increase the chance of beeing a hero on a server:

  • you have a good clan
    • many noblesse in clan
    • more olympiad farmers in same clan
  • you have very good gear(equipment)
    • especially epics
  • you are good in controlling your char
  • you have boobs and get free feed ;)
  • you are lucky
  • you know when to stop playing
  • you have a good feeling when its the right moment to register
  • you have no life
  • you have a relation with the GameMaster
  • you play on a server with 5 player only

But keep in mind, not always the best player is hero. Dont worry if you are unlucky one month. Try again!!!

The day that you will become hero is close...good luck

A big thanks to GeNoCiDe he gave me many ideas and helped to write the guide.

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