On this page you can get a little overview about the lineage epic raid bosses. I tried to gather a couple of information. Screenshots of all raidbosses you can find here.
For a tutorial how to actually find, access and kill them you can check our epic killing guide.
If you need to calculate respawn times checkout our raid calculator.

Queen Ant (Level 40)

Queen Ant is the lowest level epic boss in lineage. But her epic jewelery certainly does not give the lowest bonus.
Queen ant drops the Ring of Queen Ant.
She is located deep inside the "Ant Nest" in wastelands near Gludio. You can teleport from there.

Orfen (Level 50)

Orfen ist located in Sea of Spores near Oren and drops the Earring of Orfen. It might be useful for healer, but for who else? xD

Core (Level 50)

Core? Who cares? xD In my opinion the worst epic and not worth to raid it. But in case you still want to go, you can find it on second stage in Cruma Tower near Dion.
It drops the allmighty Ring of Core

Zaken (Daytime 83, Daytime 60 or Nighttime 60)

Zaken is one of the more tricky raids to kill. Finding him is a big riddle for most of the player already.
You can find him inside devils isle on his ship. The gate on his ship opens only at midnight for 5minutes and allows player to come in. Since Gracia Epilogue he is lvl 83 and can be entered in a different instanced way (more information). He drops the Zaken's Earring. Find out how to defeat him yourself or checkout our little guide.

Baium (Level 75)

Baium's throne is on the last stage of the Tower of Insolence. In order to enter you will need a "Bloody Fabric". Baium is one of the key raids in lineage. You will need to visit him at least once if you want or not. Hitting him is a requirement to achieve a subclass. He is dropping the Ring of Baium if you are lucky.

Baylor (Level 83)

In order to meet Baylor you will need to have all 3 Crystal Caverns Raid Boss crystals. Baylor is located on the Isle of Prayer. He is the chief of all mobs represented on the island. After you have killed him you might pickup a Baylor's Earring

Beleth (Level 83)

You better pack in some shots and a lot of time when you want to face beleth. You can find him after a hard struggle through the steel citadelle levels with dangers and riddles. You should definitly take many people with you. Beleth's Ring is the reward for your effort.

Antharas (Level 85)

The mighty earth dragon antharas is hidden deep inside the lair of antharas. His entrance is at the "heart". Easy to access if you are noblesse :-).
Don't forget to take a couple of friends with you before you enter his cave. If you bring him down you will get a nice reward. Earring of Antharas

Valakas (Level 85)

Protect yourself against fire before you try to search him!! He will fire up your ass, definitly one of the strongest raids in the game.
You will find him in forge of the gods and if you are man enough he might shows you his Necklace of Valakas. Dream on ;-)

Frintezza (Level 85)

Welcome to the worlds worst keyboarder. Frintezza and his slave Scarlet van Halisha are inside the Imperial Tomb. He definitly has some bad surprises for you.
But isn't that enough temptation to try it? Frintezza's Necklace

Freya (Level 85)

The former princess can be found in frozen labyrinth. If you want to face her you should take 9-27 friends with you into the instance and if you are lucky she will drop Freya Necklace (Blessed Freya Necklace) - depending on the type you want to kill. Freya has two different strength types and this is the weak one: Freya weak mode.

Spezion (Level 94)

Once the leader of the rebellion against the Einhasad he was betrayed by Octavis and send to suffer in the Prison of Darkness for ever! Do you want to face him and feel his pain? His prison is an instanced dungeon and you will have to triumph many dangers on the way to meet him.

Trasken (Level 99)

Located in the Mithril Mines it was sleeping for eons, once woken by the greedy dwarven it was sealed back after huge losses. Brought back again by Shilen his task is to server her with blood till she is fully ressurected and then the end of all things will come. This monstrous wyrm will show you completely different dimension when you face him. Safe the universe and get the Earth Wyrm Heart Ring!!!

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