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Today I'm here to proudly announce that lineage realm has reached an age of 1 year!
Or should i better say, that we have survived 1 year in the internet? I guess its time for some hear-melting words and as you know me, I'm totally good in that. So, what can I say? It all started as an idea to bring up the perfect lineage fan-database with all information about the game. I putted my hope into innovative ideas like an easy commenting system on any database entries or on such things as a forum, dynamic rates for the drop calculator or a multilangual page. simply a "whole in one page" for everyone who is interested to learn about Lineage II

After round about 300 hours of developing and investing a few hundred euros in the design we had finally reached the first goal, we have launched officially on the 1st september 2011. 26 visitors on the first day wasnt that much, it was more likely a punch in your face after developing for like 4 month. but it was getting better.. just one month later we had more then 200 visitors each day and that motivated me to keep on developing this website.. in the past year I invested again more then 200 hours to fix bugs, keep the website up to date and programmed more and more features for the users. but also our website had up and downs. especially one big down in the middle of january. all of the sudden the whole server melted without me having made any external backups. uff.. after sleepless nights it was possible to bring lineage realm back to life even when I already thought that I have lost the whole project. well, bringing back the website was honorated by the community a lot. and then we had reached the february where we had 2600 visitors on a peak day. but what can i say.. after the big hype for Goddess of Destruction it became pretty quiet again. and honestly, the expectations havent been filled at all. the community never really settled on our website and all the innovative ideas havent been accepted too much. I dont know why and I also wont ever understand why websites such as l2 pmfun with information which are out-dated since nearly 4 years have 10 times more visitors then we do. So after about 500 hours work and hundreds of invested euros I can say that lineage realm started as a hobby and will remain a hobby.

Now what remains to say for me. I hoped my website would be based on a self updating community with people sharing ideas and knowledge but that was pretty disappointing. the l2 community is very lazy I must admit. Still I want to thank the few helpers who still send me information from time to time or give me updates, test things and report errors. I'm not even talking about a handful of people even if dozens had promised their help. Thanks to those (DeepBlue, Jah, .. )!

I for myself have learned a lot about the l2 community, the l2 fansite owner and the companies behind the game. I met dozens of l2 server owners and learned all the dirty was how people try to earn(scam) money with Lineage II. So there were not really many people in the l2 community who deserve respect. Anyway I want to thank the owner of and the community of l2j for some nice chats and cooperation. Last and least I have a big middle finger for NCSoft after having a few conversatzions with them and a short warm hug to Innova. They at least tried to make it better then NCSoft.

Anyway, today has established to be one of the top 5 lineage II databases in america and europe (according to
So thanks again to the helper and of course, thanks to each visitor of that website and to the 5 people who will read this news.

Some Facts and Numbers:

  • Visitor peak per day: 2.673
  • Total page visits: 1.244.855
  • Total visitors: 525.983 (from 152 different countries)
  • Average page visits per visitor: 2,37
  • Returning Visitors: 50%
  • Most visited Page: Awakening Class - Change Guide (16.000 visits)
  • 458 Registered User
  • 408 Facebook Fans
  • 359 Newsletter subscriptions

For the Future I wish that people participate more and that google finally understands that it is this website who actually cares for the visitors and has updated information and not pmfun or other totally nonsense databases on rank #1 search. I'm looking forward for the second year of lineage realm and maybe we will be in the top 3 on the second birthday. I would be proud. Also good luck to Lineage 2. Lets see how long you can stay on the market ;-)

I hope this website was and is a nice helper to many gamer.

Best wishes,
Bungee -

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